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In order to ensure the effectiveness of your automatic fire sprinkler system, a qualified fire sprinkler inspector must regularly examine your system. Most local fire marshals and insurance underwriters recommend quarterly inspections and require no less than annual inspections of automatic fire sprinkler systems.

Pacific Fire Systems performs annual automatic fire sprinkler system inspections per NFPA 25: Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems. Minimum requirements for the periodic inspection, testing, and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems are set forth in this code.

As part of our NFPA 25 annual fire sprinkler system inspection, we:

  1. Inspect each control valve and leave it in its normal open or closed position.
  2. Inspect all fire sprinkler system-related equipment.
  3. Test all sprinkler system alarms.
  4. Conduct water flow tests at both ends of the system to verify adequate water availability. Dry pipe valves will be trip tested once per year with a full-flow test once every 3 years.
  5. Maintain water pressure (static and residual) records.
  6. Inspect coverage of system and condition of sprinkler heads, branch lines, risers, cross mains, hangers and other related segments of the systems involved in accordance with NFPA 25.
  7. Fill out the Standard Form of Inspection Report and submit written reports and recommendations for each inspection performed and the results of the inspection.

Notes & Inclusions:

  1. One technician performs the inspection during normal business hours.
  2. A representative from your facility is needed to identify equipment locations or complete sprinkler system drawings are needed on site to assist the inspector.
  3. A representative from your facility may be required to perform non-technical duties such as silencing and acknowledging alarms as they are received at the fire alarm panel.
  4. Your inspection report is provided to you and permanently kept on file in our office, where it is always available at your request.


  1. Labor and materials to correct system deficiencies, make repairs, and perform maintenance are not included as part of the inspections. Quotes are provided for these additional services.
  2. The inspection requires access to all sprinklered areas at the scheduled time of the inspection. If a return trip is required to complete the inspection due to access problems, it is billed at our normal rates.

Inspections are a necessary part of fire sprinkler system maintenance, and you should choose a reputable licensed contractor as your partner in caring for this life- and property-saving mechanical system.

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